Name: Sassafras

Scientific name: Sassafras officinal albidum

The other names: Saxifras, saloop.

Used parts: Roots.

Constituents: Safrole

History: Since hundreds of years, Amerindians used Sassafras in several treatments

Manners:. Treatment of constipation, flatulences and other gastro-intestinal problems. It was also used as a general tonic and used to treat rheumatisms and urinary's inflammations. Sassafras is also very useful to stop smoking because it decreases the need. In a way external, Sassafras served in cases rheumatic pains, drop, poisonous sumac, and for skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema.

Warnings: Being dissuaded during the pregnancy.
The prolonged consumption can be dangerous.

Information: In very strong dose, the sassafras can lead sweats (its active principle is similar to amphetamins), excitements and sometimes hallucinations.

Preparation: In infusion or alcoholic tincture.


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