Name: Hemp

Scientific name: Cannabis sativa

The other names: Cannabis, ganja, marijuana.

Summary: Panacea relieving a lot of confusions.

Description: Herbaceous plant with leaves in several branches. Male feet give flowers, and femmelles decorated with flowers leading heads and seeds.

Environment and culture: India's native, Indian hemp is cosmopolitan but it grows mainly in warm and moderate regions. It is cultivated today all over the world as legally and illegally.

Used parts : leaves, flowery leading (heads), seeds.

Constituents: THC (it is moreover the only plant to produce this substance), of numerous cannabino´des, flavono´des, essential oil.

History: Indian tradition says that gods gave to people the hemp in order to know courage, ecstasy and intense sexual desires. A cannabis drink is moreover dedicated to the god Shiva. In India, saddhus or holy men smoke the hemp to help them in their consideration. Usage would go back up until 4800ans in China. China is moreover the country must to have practised the culture of it for a lot of centuries. A priest tao´ste indicates there 500av. JC that cannabis was consumed with ginseng to advance time and reveal events future. Some Chinese botanists mention the therapeutic properties of hemp. The emperor Shen-Nung would be the one that discovered its medicinal properties. Also one found tracks in remantant Egypt in 4000 years. Scythians made steam baths with. According to the Buddhism mahayana's , the Bouddha would have survive with a seed of hemp a day to eat during the 7 stages which led it to the illumination. In Africa, it is tradition as medicinal as ritual. One uses it as anti-pain either to look after malaria, after anthrax... Marijuana was brought in South America by Spanish in 16-th century; it popularized very fast in Mexico. Usage is also very popular in Jamaica, mainly to rastafariens, followers of a religion or they find the inspiration with their God, Jah, by smoking ganja.

Information: Cannabis is as well used for its medicinal properties as for its psychotropic properties. Also, it is also cultivated for its excellent natural fiber.

Manners: leaves and heads are used for a lot of confusions. It looks after painful affections of digestive tract (ulcer, cancer...). It is is very beneficial for the respiratory tracts as asthma and bronchitises. It eliminates muscular tension and relieves glaucoma. In some countries, it is used on treatments against AIDS and cancer. It has also an effective action to reduce muscular cramps and relax muscles and would be useful in the treatment of multiple sclerosises. It calms down intellectual hyperactivity, headaches, neuralgias, urin disorders and some psychological troubles. It relieves also rheumatisms, arhrite and menstrual pains. On the other hand seeds , (not psychotropic), are very nourishing but also laxatives.

Effects: Narcotic, anesthesic, aperitif, sedative.

Warnings: Usage and the detention are forbidden in a lot of countries. The cannabis sometimes has unpredictable effects in particular to fragile subjects. Others part with strong dose and in the long run it would cause certain confusions (memory(report), fertility...) still badly defined but reversible one certain times after the stop(ruling) of the consumption. Certain persons can develop a psychological dependence in the hemp.

Preparation: Hemp maybe infused in some milk (liposoluble and not hydrosoluble), smoked, or taken in alcoholic tincture.

Directions for use: Enter 0,1 and 1 gram a day according to pathologies.

List of plants having similar psychoactive effects

Nom botanique Nom vernaculaire Partie utilisée
Alchornea floribunda   root
Argemone mexicana Argemone mexicaine leaves
Artemisia mexicana   herb
Calea zacatechichi Zacatechichi herb
Canavalia maritima   leaves
Catharanthus roseus Pervenche de Madagascar leaves
Cecropia mexicana Chancarro leaves
Cestrum parqui Palqui leaves
Cymbogon densiflorus   flower's extract
Helichrysum foetidum   herb
Hieracium pilocella   herb
Leonitis leonorus Wild dagga herb
Leonorus sibiricus Agripaume de Sibérie herb
Nepeta cateria Catnip herb
Piper auritum Gold pepper leaves
Sceletium tortuosum Sceletium herb
Sida acuta   herb
Turnera diffusa Damiana herb
Zornia latifolia Maconha brava leaves



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